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Buckle x (Turtleman x Lefty)
2017 - RRNN
Bred by Hindman





Uptown Funk x (Bullet x Trigger/Stud Duck)
2016 - RRNN
Bred by Johnson





Banana Boat x (Turtleman x Pony)
2017 - RRNN
Bred by Doty





Amyx 456 x Bushwhacker
2017 - RRNN
Bred by Huntrods





Dirty Banana x (Gas Monkey x Triple Play)
2015 - RRNN
Bred by Johnson Club Lambs
Banana Boat was lot 2 in Brian Johnson's Online Ram sale this spring. This guy is what we envision show lambs to need look like and on top of that he is a genetic masterpiece. He is sired by Dirty Banana, who has sired winners from coast to coast. His momma also happens to be the flushmate to the $30k Reno ewe. Power with look and design never goes out of style.  The future sure does look good!




Peter Pan Peter Pan
Happy (Turtleman x Stud Duck) x 133 (Stud Duck x Torch)
Bred by Coslett
Truly excited about this guy. His pedigree is loaded plus he has all the bells and whistles! A blue sheep with power, shag and bone.
Stud Duck is running all over his family tree and that is never a bad thing!



Shower Chicken x Turtleman
Bred by Hindman

Everyone that came through this spring found this guy right away. He has been an absolute beast since he was in the jug. Rugged, massive, look, foot, shag and a HUGE rib cage describe this guy to a T. He has us as excited as we have ever been for a ram lamb.  He is a 55 gallon drum with legs!





Shower Chicken x Pony (Turtleman's Mom)
2015 - RRNN
This spring were in the buck market and were looking for one to add mass, look, and style.  Thunder Chicken is the STUD we were looking for.  He looks as impressive running around the pen as he does gathered up.  Not only was he awesome to look at but we found it in a genetic package that is as good as it gets.  He is a Shower Chicken back on a legendary Pony daughter who happens to be Turtleman's momma.  How good is he, in our opinion?  We bred him to over 100 ewes as a buck lamb...we think he's pretty darn good.




Lefty x Hoss (Revelation's Mom and Frosty Dog's Sister)
2012 - RRNN

Deuce is an exciting addition to our ram lineup.
Genetically he is loaded on both sides of his pedigree and exemplifies what we have been doing in our breeding program. He will add power to our lamb crop without sacrificing the look we have been working for. His top starts with a massive rack and works into one wide, square and massive loin. He is busted open from end to end with an enormous hip. He still has a lot of look from the side and sets down on an enormous about of bone.




Bullet x (Stud Duck x ICE)
2012 - RRNN

Bulletproof was bred by Brian Johnson and is a very exciting addition to our program.  He was the $18,750 ram lamb in Johnson's  2012 Spring Online Sale.  He is massive in his hip and extremely wide based.  His front end is as pushed up as you can make one and he is huge in his bone work.  He is the perfect blend of pretty and power needed in today's showring.  We feel he is going to make a huge impact on our program.  His mother is the dam to Sniper and her twin sister is the dam of Checkmate and Hammer.  He sired a great set of lambs for Powercat Club Lambs in 2013. His 2014 lamb crop will be exciting.




The Situation (Pony x Stud Duck) x Hoss
2012 - RRNN

Wow we feel this sheep is SPECIAL!!  He is so massive everywhere!  His top starts with a huge rack and it gets progressively wider back to the end of his dock.  He still carries all of his muscle in a very attractive package.  Bearcat is up in his chest floor and blends in very smoothly at his shoulder.  He is going to sire winners and we are excited to own such a great sire.




Pony x Stud Duck x Showbox (Dog's Mom)  
2011 - RRNN          

Philip located Stud Pony last year when he went to visit B.J. Wright's farm and knew he had to be part of our stud ram battery.  Stud Pony was late lamb and B.J. wasn't ready to part with him.  We were very excited when B.J. called this spring and said he would sell him to us.  Stud Pony has one of the most current pedigrees of any sire in the country. He is sired by Hindman's Pony ram.  His dam is a Stud Duck daughter back on Dog's mom. We are very exited to incorporate his breeding into our program. 




Top Secret (Pony x Torch) x Dog
2011 - QRNN

We acquired New Tricks in BJ Wright's bred ewe sale.  We had no intentions on keeping a natural colored ram, but when one comes along that is this good and he was born on our farm, it was easy to make an exception.  New Tricks combines some of the hottest genetics in the country.  His sire, Top Secret, had a break out year by siring many champions, including the Champion at Tulsa State fair.  However, the best part about New Tricks is how structurally correct he is and how good he is on his feet and legs.  He combines this with a beautiful front end, huge feet, hairy legs, great handle, muscle, huge rack, rib shape and we could go on and on.  Even in the picture of him at 3 weeks old he was a stand out.  Watch out for his lambs in 2012!




Stud Duck X Hummer
2010 - QRNN

Mighty Duck was purchased at the 2010 Midwest Stud Ram Sale.  He was the third place February Natural Wether Sire from Hindman Show Lambs.  Mighty Duck is a big boned, square racked, massive topped, big butted ram that puts it all into a pretty package.  Mighty Duck is Flat Out a Good One!  In his first lamb crop, his lambs were noticed!  He sired several champions, including the Reserve 4-H Natural Market Lamb at the MO State Fair.




Taboo x 2000
2007 - RRNN

We acquired Iron Mike from Wright Club Lambs and we feel that he will be able to make as big of an impact on our flock as he has for the Wrights.  Iron Mike was Hindman Show Lambs consignment at Corp. 1 in 2007.  Iron Mike's lambs have great bone work with lots of shag, big rack shape and huge hip patterns.  We are extremely excited to have a chance to own this great sire.

Sold to BKL Club Lambs




CB X (Top Gun x Harms 2001)
2009 - RRNN

Radio was purchased in the America's Top 20 Sale from Scott and Shelly Schmitz.  Radio has that real wether look.  He is explosive in his rack, long loined, very expressive about his leg, and has loads of eye appeal when viewed from the side.  His sire has produce top ram prospects for McIlrath/Wattonville/Schmitz Club Lambs for serveral years.  His dam is the twin sister to "Maverick" senior herd sire at Hayes Club Lambs of Burlington Jct., Missouri.  Only 4, she is already a proven producer, her 2nd lamb crop produced a class winning ewe in Sedalia.  In 2008, Radio's full sister was a champion market lamb in Schmitz's show pen.  In 2010, his twin sister produced a class winning ewe in Sedaila that went on to be the 9th overall ewe at the 2011 OYE.  Radio is a very consistant sire.  All of his lambs have huge tops, awesome fronts, and find their way to the top of their class.




Ghost X Trump
2008 - RRNN 

Casper was bred by McGolden Club Lambs.  His length of loin is incredible.  He carries an extremely massive top right on down through his lower leg.  He is extremely square out of his hip and blends beautifully in at the shoulder.  Casper was the ram we were looking for and the first babies out of him look incredible!  Thanks to Tim Prunty for selling us Casper.

Sold to Garrett Club Lambs - Columbia, MO




Sired By Jigsaw

Pictured at 8 years old




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